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Shot Shell Caddy


MME Shot Shell Caddy's allow you to reliably draw 4 shells at a time with your fingers & thumb completely around the shells. NO more fumbling and grasping 2,3 or whatever shells you have left. This gives you the ability to setup your reloads perfectly allowing you to setup caddies designated for slugs, bird, buck whatever the need may be. The Caddies are extremely streamlined at the minimum width so several Caddy's take up less belt space and weigh only 3 1/2 ounces. The stainless steel belt loops prevent the Caddies from falling off your belt or being pulled off. The minimum belt clip width also allows maximum velcro contact on your inner/outer belt to prevent movement. The belt clips will accomodate a belt width up to 1.75″ and a thickness of up to 3/8″. ( Caddies will work perfectly with most standard belts, CR speed, Safariland etc.) Law Enforcement belt loops are also available for belts up to 2.25″ wide.

Also available for Safariland ELS System.

Spring wires lock in the shells to ensure no dropped shells, spring tension can be adjusted by slightly bending spring in or out with small screw driver

All MME Caddies come assembled for left hand loading. Caddies may easily be changed to right hand loading by moving 10-32 screw on bottom of Caddy to other threaded hole and adjusting spring wires to shells which will now be facing the opposite direction.

• Light weight metal construction.
• The spring wires can be bent to adjust for tension.
• Shell caddy is cut away so you can get your finger tips and thumb around the shells. Which means less fumbled reloads.
• Button head screw to adjust the height to offset for the shot shell rim.
• Caddy attaches to the belt with slim stainless steel belt loops.
• Providing more surface area for 2 belt systems such as the CR Speed High Torque belt to stay attached, eliminates belt sag.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    These Caddies are sweet!
    I researched many types of caddies before focusing on the Man Mountain Engineering Shotshell Caddy. I found 2, used, on a popular shooters web forum. I started practicing reloading from them during my normal, casual target practice. I bought 4 more and now own 6 of them! They are built USA tough! Aircraft grade aluminum really stands up any use. A Sleek design wears nicely with practically any outfit. I’ve worn them with khaki pants and button down shirts, on full camo hunting gear, blue jeans and t-shirts… You name it! I enjoy using them while bird hunting to keep heavy shells out of my vest pockets.

    Incorporating a full length, rippled spring would likely hold each round securely and not require pulling all four shells at once. For them to hold shells securely, you must have 4 in place. Moving around with less then 4 causes the others to possibly flop and fall out. It isn’t a huge factor but this feature would make a hands down 5 star caddy!

    On a 5 star scale, with various categories, I would rate them as follows.
    5 stars for materials! -very solid
    4 stars for function! -needs ability to hold 1,2,3 or 4 rounds securely.
    5 stars for design/styling! -look great and feel empowering.
    5 stars for versatility! -multiple belt loop and securing options.
    4 stars for price point! -one isn’t enough… 6 makes an expensive belt.

    Bottom line: These caddies are great!

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