For all inquries:


    • The inside width of the caddie body is 2.430″.Shells should be approximately .080″ or more shorter to load properly.

  1. Guys – I LOVE your product! I have multiple shot shell holders, but your’s is the smoothest unit for pulling shells out by far!! My only complaint is that its too short for my Fiocchi slugs! Is there any way to have you guys custom machine some a bit wider that would fit those types of rounds?? I’d be interested in it if there was a cost to custom order one or two! Let me know!


  2. Hello Man Mountain Team,

    I´m a custom Officer in Germany. I`m very interested for your shot shell carrier.
    Do you sell a Molle compatible Shot shell system?
    Can you please send me information about this?
    Thank you for your help.

    Take Care

    U. Hoffmann

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